1 in 100 babies are born with a heart defect and Eloise was inspired to fundraise for CHSF after her baby sister BEATRIX needed surgery at just 12 days old.

Eloise with little sisters Martha and Beatrix

When my Dad first told me that they were pregnant again, I was delighted! My baby sister Martha was two and full of life, humour, and love, and I was so excited for the new addition!


At one of the scans, it became apparent that the new baby had a heart condition. I was so worried, as were my Dad and his wife Claire, but the way they seemed to keep so calm about it was inspiring.


I’m so proud of how Claire has kept Beatrix safe from the moment she found out. And how my Dad managed to look after Martha while Claire was in hospital – she definitely loved being in charge of the house!


The way the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit have treated my family is amazing, they’ve had nothing but praise to say about everything and I just knew I had to do something to repay them.

Also knowing that Beatrix has to have two more operations and will be spending more time with Children’s Heart Surgery Fund during her life, I knew I had to show my thanks.


It was late in November when I looked online and saw that CHSF were asking people to raise £100 before the end of the year. I thought, well if I don’t make that much, I can just donate it myself! I thought I might just make it so I decided on going with the theme of 100 and completed 100 minutes of exercise every day in December.


Now exercise has never really been my thing, but I thought, I’m capable? Beatrix and many other babies from CHSF may never have this sort of capability, so that’s what inspired me and motivated me! It was a challenge, it was tough at times, but it really has shown me that if you want to do anything, if you put your mind to it, you really can do it!


And I’m still in total shock I’ve managed to raise over £1100! And I want to thank everyone at CHSF for everything they’ve done for my Baby B and my family, it’ll be forever appreciated! So thank you.

A huge thank you and well done to heart sister ELOISE and her enormously generous family and friends. It is only because of your amazing fundraising that we can keep being there for heart warriors like Beatrix! #BecauseofYou 💖💚💜💙

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