Dear valued supporter,

We hope this update finds you healthy and well, as this incredibly difficult year draws to a close.

First of all can I say a huge THANK YOU for all your amazing fundraising this year, you continue to make an incredible difference to the lives of patients and their families.

2021 promises to be an even bigger challenge, as we strive to fund “wraparound” care for the whole family unit. Regular donations really help us plan for the future, knowing we have the income to fund our vision.

If you feel able, please consider making a regular gift to CHSF. You can do this by visiting our DONATE page.

Our plans for 2021 include:

As you may know, COVID-19 has hit the charity sector very hard indeed. We are not alone in this, businesses of every kind have needed to change their working practices to cope.

We have lost significant income from events fundraising, and are being forced to cut our costs, which includes a move to cheaper premises.

But as long as babies are born with heart disease in our region then patients and their families need a dedicated charity to support them on their heart journey.

We want you to know that our mission to support hearts for life will continue.

We will continue to deliver amazing life-saving projects with your help, and #becauseofyou.

Please consider a regular gift at, I know you will do what you can to help. Thank you.