Last month we put a post out on Facebook asking for feedback on the ‘Ambient Experience’ at funded by CHSF.

The Ambient Experience is part of the hybrid children’s heart theatre at Leeds Children’s Hospital. It includes soft lighting, music and films on a big screen. The tech is used to help patients relax and reduce anxiety as they get ready for surgery.

Tom Oliver:

“I’ve been in on with the fishes on the big screens and it help me relax and feel abit more at easy coz it didn’t look like a theatre it reminds me off a fish aquarium.”
Sarah Harkin:
“My daughter was operated on last year at 5 months old and was put to sleep whilst I held her watching the fish. I agree with Tom less theatre more aquarium like.”

Alison Tebby-Farrell:

“Last year our daughter had her catheter in the hybrid theatre. It was a much more relaxing experience for us parents than when she was little (she won’t have remembered before).


“We had the sea on the big screens with the music. It gave her something calm to focus on rather than the people and machines whilst we waited for the anaesthetic to work.


“Will be back again soon so hoping to get the same good experience, as she will remember now.”

Becky Cole:

“My little boy had surgery at 6 weeks old so wasn’t aware what was going on but he still had the fish on the ceiling and the whole atmosphere was made much better for me as a worried parent and my mum as a worried grandma!


“It was a fantastic experience under the circumstances! He was the first patient in there as it had only just opened!”

Laura Beckett:

“My son, who is 4 years old and has complex medical needs, had a cath lab in the hybrid theatre. The images of the fish and letting him choose a colour for the room made it easier for him to go in the room. It was loads better!!!!!”

Natalee Hays:

“After many open heart operations and Cath lab procedures (and still only 6 months old (you would think I would be used to my baby going off to theatre and to sleep! Well let me tell you it never get’s any easier!


“But when I took him down for his last cath lab procedure we noticed the big screen with fish and sealife activity and it instantly calmed him and also myself, as it gave us something else to focus on rather than what was going on around us.


“Such a lovely added touch to such a stressful, triggering environment. I think it helped me more than it did Frank!  Thank you.”

This valuable feedback will be used to send on to the special organisations who helped CHSF to make this happen. To say thank you and to let them know how much of a difference their funding has made. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute.

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