We’d like to send a special thanks to BeanBagBazaar, for donating fantastic soft furnishings for our office space and the parent accommodation we provide.

Family-run business BeanBagBazaar pride themselves on being experts of the bean bag world, with a huge range of quality bean bags on offer.

We couldn’t be happier to have these available to the supporters that visit our office (there are even bean bags for the little ones!) and the parents that stay in the accommodation we fund.

Andrew from BeanBagBazaar said:

“The work the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund does is quite remarkable.

We wanted to support such a great charity who help not only the children but the families who are also going through such a difficult time.

We would like to thank everyone there for doing such a great job and best wishes in all future fundraising.”

This year brings a milestone office move, only a stone’s throw away from the hospital, that means we can provide a more comfortable environment for our families.

These bright, colourful bean bags will only add to our new space.

Thanks again to Andrew and the rest of the team at BeanBagBazaar from everyone at the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund Office, including official bean bag tester Katie Bear!