Heart Dad Simon Tewson applied for a grant from Sheffield Mutual in memory of his heart warrior Lucas Brook, to help bring Katie Bear to more heart warriors after surgery…

Simon said:

Lucas Brook Tewson was born with a complex type of congenital heart disease known as Shone’s Syndrome. He was a wondrous baby boy full of strength, courage and bravery.


He lived for four months, battling his condition alongside the amazing team at Leeds Congenital Heart Unit who tried everything to save him. He died peacefully in his Mummy’s arms on 18th July 2018.


Throughout our time with Lucas at the LGI we were given tremendous support by CHSF and the life of our precious baby boy will always be linked to this amazing charity.


Lucas now has a little baby sister, Bronte May, who sadly will never meet Lucas but will come to know him and love him just as everyone who met him loves him. Bless you Lucas Brook, you are in our hearts and minds now and always.


Thank you to Sheffield Mutual for your kind and generous donation to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

Laura Browse, Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society said

In line with our history, heritage and ethical values, Sheffield Mutual is committed to helping charities and good causes in the course of doing business.


Each year we aim to make funds available for donations from the Sheffield Mutual Community Fund. When Simon’s application came through, it really struck a chord with not only me, but with my colleagues as well.


The support Children’s Heart Surgery Fund provides is crucial and we’re more than happy to donate to this very worthy cause.

CHSF Senior Community Fundraising Manager, Lisa said:

A huge thank you to Sheffield Mutual for their kind donation of £500 to purchase some Katie Bears. It was so thoughtful of Simon to apply for this funding in memory of his beautiful son Lucas. Katie really is a special part of the children’s journey following heart surgery and becomes a much treasured keepsake for the whole family.

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