As circumstances develop due to coronavirus, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by uncertainty. We will all have worries and experience disruption to daily life.

Because of this the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit Psychology Team have produced a video and advice sheets for families and patients, on how to try and cope with all that is happening at the moment around COVID-19.

Check out the resources below and remember the team are always just a phone call away.

UPDATE: Life after Lockdown

Following the recent changes to the advice around coronavirus, the LCHU Psychology Team have some fantastic advice for families and patients. Please have a look. If you need anything further there are links on how to contact the team directly further down this page.

Managing to cope with isolation

When we have very busy lives, we often think how wonderful it would be to sit and do nothing. However, boredom has been shown to be as stressful as being too busy. Here are some ideas on how to make living in isolation as easy as it can be…

Helping kids cope with isolation

There are lots of resources below to help fill the time with the kids, but don’t feel that you need to direct them every minute of every day. Research shows that kids finding their own ways to keep entertained can give them important skills. Here the Psychology Team share a few top tips on how to help kids cope with staying at home.

Talking to your kids about COVID-19

Currently lots of things are changing quickly in our world and that can feel scary and out of control for adults and our children. Children may react to this in different ways, some may be tearful or anxious and need extra cuddles and
reassurance, others may be cross and angry. Below is some advice and top tips about the things that might help when helping our kids (and ourselves!) to cope…

 This is Kat from the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit Psychology Team who recently gave some really useful advice and support about coping with coronavirus and the current climate.

To get in touch with the Psycology service directly you can call 0113 392 6796 or drop them an email on

Helping a Worried Child Cope

The Psychology Team go through some simple steps to follow for parents and guardians to help a child that may be worried about COVID-19 or the current climate. There are also a number of resources including, catered for children of all ages.

Managing Anxiety

It’s normal to be worried. It is normal to feel uncertain about all the changes going on in our lives right now. Feeling worried, scared and anxious at times is understandable. Now that change is happening so quickly it is hard for us to think about what is going on and get a grip on what all this means for us and our families.

The Psychology Team take us through some tips and strategies to help you cope and manage your anxiety.

Worries sheet kor kids

The team have also put together a simple sheet for children to read to take them through what they might be feeling at the moment and how to deal with their emotions at this uncertain time.

The sheet also includes a number of links and resources that children can use to reduce anxiety and worry.

For all the latest advice, visit the the Psychology & Counselling Service page on the Leeds Congenital Hearts website

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