Everyone, meet Sherrol – Sherrol works at JTF Mega Discount Warehouse, based in South Leeds. The store is one of CHSF’s corporate partners and Sherrol leads on all the amazing fundraising they do at the store.

JTF holds quarterly in-store events to raise money for CHSF and Sherrol really goes the extra mile by baking loads of incredible cakes to sell – all at her own expense!

Delicious cakes baked by Sherrol

A few weeks ago, the charity went to Sherrol with a problem to see if she could help. The parent accommodation at the LGI usually has a tumble dryer in it for residents to use, but it had unfortunately stopped working. This meant none of the families could dry their clothes whilst they were staying over at the hospital.

We asked Sherrol if JTF could help in anyway, knowing that they sell electrical appliances amongst all the other amazing things they stock for the home and garden.

Sherrol took it upon herself to organise a raffle (donating the prizes herself) and then sold the tickets to customers. So many people got on board to help, with one customer even buying £50 worth of raffle tickets.

Sherrol representing CHSF in-store

The raffle ended up raising enough to buy CHSF a tumble dryer outright – and we even had an extra £270 left over to spend on other things we needed!

The new tumble dryer ready for delivery!

Thank you so much Sherrol for your unending support for our charity – the contribution you make to CHSF is huge and we are so very grateful!

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