This #CharityTuesday we want to give a very special shout-out to a group of girls that have taken their fundraising for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund to the next level. Have a read of their story…

Hello we are The Heart Helpers and we are a group of 10 year olds. We live in North Lincolnshire and all go to the same school. We are taking part in Operation Lifestyle this year and as part of this want to raise the profile of, and raise money for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

One of the girls, Ellie, knows first hand the work that CHSF do to support patients with Congenital Heart Disease, and their families. Ellie’s sister Amelia was born with Pulmonary Atresia and Ebstein’s Anomaly, going into theatre for the first time at just one week old. Amelia has since undergone surgery six times, most recently in May, having open heart surgery at LGI.

The group of girls all realised what a frightening time it was for their friend Ellie and her family and so they decided they should get together, spread the word and raise some money for the charity that had done so much for their friend.

The girls put their heads together and came up with so many ideas to fund raise for CHSF. Let them tell you their favourite bits…

I really enjoyed helping out with glitter tattoos at Fox Fest. I am really pleased I learnt CPR as we now know how to help people who need it. I loved taking part in the Humber Bridge run – but especially when we walked back at the end with my sister, Amelia and everyone gave us a loud cheer. This made it feel really special!

The Heart Helpers at the Humber Bridge run

I loved making the slime, setting up the table for the table top sale and selling everything. I really enjoyed seeing the village coming out to support us. The CPR training made us realise how important it is to know things like this so we can help people. I loved spending time with my friends.

Lots of table top sales!

Holly and Leksi:
We loved spending time with our friends while making bracelets together, baking cakes for the cake sale and helping out at Fox Fest.

Baking for a Cake Sale

I liked helping at Fox Fest as it pushed us to introduce ourselves to people we didn’t know. I loved asking Ellie and her family about their experiences on the ward so that we could put together the leaflet for other parents. It made me realise how sensitive we needed to be and how 3 months after Amelia’s surgery the family still find it a difficult issue to talk about. I loved it when my mum dressed up as Katie Bear and Mrs Franks didn’t fasten her legs together properly, so she couldn’t walk.

Slime for sale | Making CHSF awareness leaflets | Selling bracelets

The parents…
We are so proud of the dedication and time the girls have put into the project. They have never grumbled about spending their holidays raising awareness and money and neither have they had a cross word with each other. They have not only learnt new skills, raised money and awareness but they have treated Ellie’s family with respect and sensitivity, as well as bringing the community in which they live together. I’m sure the end of the project will not be the end of the girls fundraising!!

And their fundraising didn’t stop there! The girls purchased craft resources for Ward 51, went along to an outdoor concert to sell bracelets and glowsticks and even bought tea, coffee and refreshments for our family room!

The Heart Helpers have most certainly set the bar high for our fundraisers and we couldn’t be more grateful. They have worked so hard to raise money and awareness for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and should be very, very proud of themselves!

The Heart Helpers and Amelia with Lisa (CHSF Community Fundraiser)

Feeling inspired? Want to know how you can get involved? Drop Lisa Williams, our Community Fundraiser, a line at | 0113 831 4810