This year’s Christmas Party will take place at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on Sunday 8th December, from midday until 3pm.

CHSF are hugely proud to have been able to run an annual Christmas Party for our heart families for over 10 years. Each year we have welcomed more and more families to join in the celebrations.

As the party has grown, so have the costs associated to this huge event. Therefore CHSF have taken a strategic decision to change the criteria for attendance.

Our overall aim is to ensure heart patients who have more recently been treated at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit have an opportunity to attend the party, as the demand for tickets ever increases.

Our CEO, Sharon Milner says:

We want to make sure more recent patients and their families get a fair chance to celebrate the festivities at our free event.

We also want to be able to make sure we are as inclusive as possible.

Starting with this year we have decided to limit the allocation of tickets, so that patients and their families feel part of a community that understands their journey from a young age.

We will therefore limit tickets to families with a child who has had surgery or a procedure at the LCHU in the past three years. Given the hundreds of operations and interventions that take place each year, we see this as a fair length of time.

We hope you all understand this decision and you continue helping us in supporting hearts for life.



To apply for your family’s place at the party, CLICK HERE
You will need to answer a few simple questions.

Deadline for applications is Monday 30th September and we will be in touch by Friday 4th October.