It’s coming up to the most wonderful time of year!

On the 4th of November, Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds had their Christmas launch – the Wonder Weekend.  The Wonder Weekend is a magical weekend filled with free treats, live entertainment and the fabulous switch on of the Christmas Wishmas Tree.

Trinity, Capital Yorkshire and Virgin Holidays got together to organise a fabulous prize for one lucky family involved with Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF).

Samantha and Micheal Jameson-Briggs have raised over £12,000 for CHSF and other charities after their son Logan was born in 2013 with congenital heart problems and had to undertake surgery at only a few months old. Unfortunately, Logan passed away after contracting bronchio-pneumonia in 2014.

In recognition of their courage and support, Trinity, Capital Yorkshire and Virgin Holidays wanted to grant them a Christmas wish.

Mr & Mrs Jameson-Briggs and their lovely 20-month-year-old twins Sophia and Ella, were invited to stand under the beautiful Christmas tree and switch on the lights. As the lights were switched on, they were granted a surprise wish.

The couple and their children were gifted a VIP Disneyland holiday to Florida. The couple were overjoyed as they wanted to take the girls to Disneyland by the time they were 5, but weren’t sure if it would be possible. Samantha said:

Sophia’s nick-name was Minnie Mouse since she was little, because she was the smallest. To actually go and see Minnie Mouse will be really great.

Dan Wharton, Marketing Manager at Trinity Leeds said:

When we heard about Logan and his family’s story, we wanted to do something extra special for them.

Their fundraising efforts, and their strength through what must have been an unbelievably difficult time, is truly inspiring.

We hope they have a fantastic trip and make some happy memories that will last a lifetime.

We at CHSF hope that the Jameson-Briggs family have a wonderful time on their upcoming holiday. If you’d like to support CHSF, visit our page on how to Get Involved.