CHSF have formed a charity partnership with sustainable clothing brand Unfolded, who have just launched a new children’s clothing range.

We’re incredibly grateful that Children’s Heart Surgery Fund will receive 25% of every purchase which will go towards supporting hearts for life!

We’ll handover to Unfolded co-founder Hilde now to explain more…

Did you know that 30% of new clothes made are never even sold? With 80 billion new items of clothing made each year that’s a whopping 24 billion items destined to go straight to landfill.


We are a new(ish) brand on a mission to change this. We’ve called ourselves Unfolded (as we unfold the fashion industry…see what we did there) and we offer sustainable affordable clothes made without any waste. 


The weird thing is that by removing the waste from the process we actually create savings – enough to deliver sustainably made clothing at affordable prices, pay  garment workers a fairer wage and create long term change by funding children in the manufacturing communities in India, to learn to read and write.


Unfolded was set up in 2021 and we have already supported over 4,000 children in the local community where our clothes are made. Each item bought from us funds at least one months education for these children.


As you can no doubt tell our focus is on using our clothes to make a difference and create positive change. Having heard about the incredible work that Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) do we have launched the CHSF Unfolded kidswear clothing collection to play our small part in helping support their fundraising.


25% of the every purchase made from the ten piece kidswear collection will be donated by us to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF). Meaning every purchase from the collection will help support the 1 in 125 babies born with a heart defect in the region as well as supporting children on the other side of the world in India to learn to read and write.


The CHSF kidswear collection is made up of ten items of fun and funky children’s clothes, including tracksuits, dresses and t-shirts suitable for ages 3-10 years and costs between £10 and £25. This collection was designed in collaboration with over 500 parents and is made of durable sustainably sourced materials.


We hope you like the collection and are able to make a purchase knowing that by dressing the child in your life you are also improving the lives of thousands of other children both locally and across the world.

Hilde Frydnes
CCO & Co-founder, This is Unfolded

Hilde is Co-founder of sustainable fashion brand Unfolded and mum to two year old daughter Saga.


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