There are lots of reasons why ordinary, everyday folk decide to go the extra mile to fundraise.

Physical events can provide great personal challenges and goals, and are also tremendous team bonding experiences for teams of employees, friends and family groups.

Fundraiser Eddy Dixon told us:

I’m raising money for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund as my son, Nathaniel, was born last year with TGA. He had surgery at a week old, and throughout his stay in hospital I realised just how much the charity does to help and support families affected by congenital heart disease.

I feel like raising money is my way of saying thank you and ensuring the support they provide can continue.

Cycling has helped me achieve my goals of improving my general health and fitness since Nate was born, and having a challenge to aim for and train towards has really helped to keep me motivated.

Similarly, Elizabeth Kvammen sees it as a combination of personal fitness and a means of saying thank you:

My daughter, Siri Sofie, was very poorly when she was born. One of the things they found was a hole in her heart. Over the subsequent few years, they discovered other holes, most healed, one didn’t. She had successful surgery in Leeds to close it with a marvelous little device plugging the hole.

That was in September 2014. She’s now 7 and going from strength to strength. I also know of other families who have far more complex heart issues to deal with. The unit at LGI is nothing short of amazing.

I chose cycling event because I have had a lot of health challenges in the past. This is my way of getting properly fit again and saying ‘I can do it!’

Of course, it’s not just blood relatives who can inspire you to raise money for others.

Andy Brown told us his reasons cycling on our behalf:

In my village there is a little girl who would not be alive if were not for the work of the Children’s Heart Surgery team. My wife has a long-standing heart condition too.

Anyone who sees the impact of the NHS’s positive work on the lifestyles of people with heart conditions would be happy to do something small to help out.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to help us fundraise, we applaud you and look forward to seeing you at the finish line.

To sign up for the an event, contact, call 0113 392 5742 or visit the events calendar.