The Caroline Atha School of Dance based in Garforth, Leeds went above and beyond last month, when they raised an incredible £4341.32 for CHSF!

We spoke to Caroline herself about what inspired The Caroline Atha School of Dance to start raising money for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund…

On the 6-7 July the School put on a dance show called ‘Dance from the Heart’. Approximately 175 pupils took part in the show, ranging from two to 22 years old.

Each time we do a show we look to raise money for a charity that has a link to any of our students and we have raised thousands over last 20 years for various charities.  All profits raised as a result of ‘Dance from the Heart’s ticket sales went to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.
Several pupils at our dance school have had a connection to congenital heart disease. About a year ago one of my pupils was diagnosed with a heart problem. She had attended the dance school from aged 3 to now 13.
A little boy whose stepsister attends my school was saved by a defibrillator. We also have a little girl with Turner syndrome who has had heart surgery and will have more going forwards.
Even when I announced CHSF as the chosen charity a few more parents told me of experiences their children had had as babies and toddlers.
I have learnt about what Children’s Heart Surgery Fund does along the way and what a great charity they are. We then found out one of the dance mums, Rebecca, works at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit and so she told us all about the various things our donation could help with!

We asked Caroline if there was any advice she would give to other fundraisers…

I would say just totally commit to it and others will be behind you. I said to all my volunteers we don’t individually have huge amounts of money to give to charity but we can give our time and our talents.
Also because our fundraiser got children involved, they in-turn benefited from being part of the experience. I have stressed throughout to my pupils about being part of a team and how what they are doing will be helping someone less fortunate than themselves.
So, as a leader, show your commitment and effort 100% and people will follow!

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