Dave Wilson is a loyal long time supporter of CHSF and hosts an annual ball in memory of his daughter Alexa Mae.

In December 2021 Dave hosted yet another successful Ball, raising an incredible £5,000 for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund to support our heart unit, warriors and families.

Alexa Mae’s Story

Our third child, Alexa was born in 1999.  She had Down Syndrome, cataracts and when she was a week old, was diagnosed with an AVSD.  Her cardiologist, Dr. Parsons advised us that she would require open heart surgery.  At eight weeks old, Alexa became very unwell and was transferred to the LGI.


This was a very scary time for us and we had to leave our other two children, aged three and six with grandparents. I travelled to and from our home in Scunthorpe, while Alexa’s mum was thankfully given a room in the hospital that allowed her to stay close to Alexa.


Alexa’s surgery was complicated and her recovery was slow.  During this time, we were in awe of the dedication and skill of Miss Carin Van Doorn and the surgical team, nurses and support staff.  We felt that she was in the best of hands at all times and our needs, as her parents, were considered throughout.

Dave hosts a charity ball each year in Alexa’s memory

Alexa returned home but still had a leaky valve so we knew that she would require further surgery at some point. With the very great care of her cardiologists, Dr Parsons and Dr Gibbs she remained well until she was 9 when she was again transferred to LGI for a mitral valve replacement. Unfortunately, this time, her heart was enlarged and the surgery and subsequent pacemaker insertion did not lead to recovery.


She was then transferred to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, while still ventilated, in order to be placed on the heart transplant register.  Alexa received a Berlin Heart device under their care but sadly suffered a stroke before a heart was found.  She passed away a month before her 10th birthday.


The death of our beautiful, brave little girl was utterly devastating but without the incredible work of the Children’s Heart Surgery Team at LGI, we would not have had the joy of those wonderful years.

Dave Wilson said: “I am very lucky to have amazing family and friends who have supported all of Alexa’s family over the years and long may it continue.”


Senior Community Fundraising Manager Lisa Williams said: “Thank you so much to Dave and Alexa’s family. Your fundraising continues to make a huge difference to the patients and families we support. Alexa’s legacy lives on.”

An incredible £5,000 in heart warrior Alexa Mae’s memory. Thank you so much to all who attended!

Thank you Dave for continuing to support Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and organising your annual charity ball.

We appreciate your hard work, time, effort and very generous donations.

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