For February’s Fundraiser of the Month we celebrate a supporter who isn’t afraid of a big challenge in order to raise awareness and funds for CHSF. Everyone, meet Matt Porter…

We asked Matt about what inspired him to fundraise for CHSF. He said:

A young friend of mine, Jessica Mitchelmore had received and continues to receive help from Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and I felt compelled to see how I could help.

Jess ready for the Festive Fifty!

I run many cycling events throughout the year all of which raise money for charity and wanted to achieve something on behalf of CHSF as a thank you.

I set up the Festive Fifty Yorkshire ride after some discussion with my team. Is it possible to do two events in two days? There was only one way of finding out!

Aaaand they’re off!

That was how the event was born in 2017 and it continued to grow when we launched the event again in 2018. Over two years of running the event, we have now raised well over £5000 for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund!

Andrew Munden took part in Festive Fifty for the second year running and is Jess’s Uncle:

The ride went really well on Sunday, the wind was down on last year but still very much there. There was a huge turnout, way more entries than last year so a much bigger pot of funds is going to CHSF. Jess and Harry expertly set us off just before 10am, with cries of GO!, and BATMAN! – clearly taking their job very seriously.

Andrew during the ride

Matt gave the following advise for any supporters thinking about setting up their own event for CHSF:

The event is now well established in the calendar and cyclists start asking earlier and earlier every year if we are going to run it, the answer is always yes and hopefully the event will continue to grow!

If anyone is thinking of creating an event for CHSF, always remember that events seem to get bigger each year you do them – so keep going year on year and you will raise more funds for this great charity.

Many families throughout the region receive ongoing support from CHSF and without fundraising they would struggle to continue – remember every bit counts, no matter how big or small!

Are you feeling inspired? If you think you or an organisation you are part of could raise money for CHSF get in touch with Lisa Williams on 0113 831 4810 for more info!