Although very sad, December’s Fundraiser of the Month story is an incredible example of how family and friends can come together when faced with adversity and do something amazing.

We spoke to Travis’ dad, Ben, about celebrating his son’s heart anniversary and how he carried on fundraising for CHSF when Travis’ mum Hayley suddenly passed away earlier this year…

Ben, Travis’ dad said:

Our youngest son, Travis was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at our 20 week scan and this is the reason why we chose to raise money for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.


Ever since the diagnosis our lives were turned upside down and Children’s Heart Surgery Fund  were there to support us and give Travis the chance of a normal, happy life.


Travis has had two open heart surgeries and we became part of the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund family, as well as the cardiac ward and PICU at Leeds Children’s Hospital.


We can’t thank these guys enough for everything they have done and continue to do for us.

Travis’ mum, Hayley, started the ball rolling with organising a football family fun day.


We wanted to do this to celebrate the anniversary of Travis’ first heart surgery, which was held on Sunday 22nd September.


Sadly Travis’ Mum passed away before the event took place. It was her wish to carry on fundraising for this charity that is so close to all our hearts.


We are all so thankful for the support we have received and we encourage others to do the same and fundraise for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund 💙

CHSF’s Lisa Williams said:

The support we have received from Hayley and Ben’s friends and family has been absolutely amazing! They all pulled together at such a sad, difficult time to make the charity football event happen for Travis’s Heart Anniversary.


I personally wanted to thank everyone that has been involved in volunteering, selling raffle tickets and playing in the football matches. I know each and every one of you will have made Hayley so proud with what you achieved.


You are an amazing community and your kindness is very much appreciated by Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. The current total raised is now an incredible £21,502.68.  Thank you to you all.

Feeling inspired to give something back and raise much-needed funds for a great cause?

Get in touch with Lisa Williams, on | 0113 831 4810 or download our events calendar here for inspiration and to see other ways to get involved.