We feel blessed to have such amazing fundraisers generating much-needed money for our tremendous cause. Find out what this week’s stars have been up to below!

Glee Club – Scarlett Bedford


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Scarlett Bedford has a vocal coaching business and also runs a musical theatre club called Glee Club in Woodlesford, Leeds for kids aged 4-16 who like to perform.

She held a “Glee Event” to raise money towards her friend Tracy’s forthcoming skydive for CHSF. Scarlett explained:

I chose to support CHSF as my friend (Tracy Massey) is a clinical Perfusionist at LGI and she told me how valuable their support is and how the equipment they have funded makes a difference to the children and their families.

We know Tracy is hugely proud of your fundraising, as are we  – thank you so much!

The club is based in Oulton, and you can see more of them at www.facebook.com/SLBVOCALS/.

Supermarket Bag Pack – Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams organised a bag pack in her local supermarket, and said:

I chose to support CHSF because of the amazing work it does to support children and families born with congenital heart defects. This charity is amazing and helped us so much when my daughter was in hospital at 6 weeks old having open heart surgery. Without them we wouldn’t have had any accommodation to stay with our daughter whilst she recovered :).

We chose a bag pack as it was our first fundraising event. Everyone was so generous and interested in the CHSF and what an amazing job they do! The bag pack was a success and managed to raise £600!

Fantastic work everyone, and don’t you all look great in the matching t-shirts!

Jewellery Stall – Toby Johns

Toby Johns organised a CHSF stall at Hill House School Fayre. He makes amazing heart bracelets and necklaces which he sells to raise money for CHSF.

Toby’s Mum Carol told us:

Toby wanted to sell his necklaces and bracelets at his school summer Fayre to raise money for CHSF because he’s seen the benefits of their support and wants to help them support more children like him.

Wow! We’re so impressed with young folk like Toby getting involved, especially as he’s been driven by his own experiences. What a superstar – we think he has a great career ahead.

Skydive – Jemma Brown

And finally, Jemma Brown did a Skydive for us on the June 30 and told us:

My little boy needed surgery at 13 days old in Jan 2017. The support we received was amazing. I’ll be forever grateful.

No amount of money could express our gratitude. I’m pleased I’ve been able to at least do something to show our support back. Xx

What an achievement Jemma, lots of love to the family and thank you for taking to the skies for CHSF!

Big thumbs up to everyone mentioned this week – we can only do what we do #BecauseOfYouIf you’d like to be featured here, please do get in touch at bravehearts@chsf.org.uk – we can’t wait to hear from you!