Want to get into fundraising? Why not get a group of friends together and organise a bag pack in your local supermarket? Community Fundraiser Lisa shares some tips…

“Bag packs are a great way to fundraise with family and friends and raise awareness for us. It’s simple and easy to get started!

If you’ve not heard of a bag pack before, it’s where a group of volunteers help shoppers pack, and ask for a small donation.

I’d recommend contacting the Community Champion in your chosen Supermarket and requesting a date for a bag pack.

Then, get in touch with me to ask for an authorisation letter to give to the supermarket. I’ll also be able to help with t-shirts and collection buckets.

Once that’s sorted, gather your friends and family and work out shifts for the whole day ensuring you have someone available to cover each open till point.

On the day take lots of photos and have fun!”

Here is #TeamEvan at M&S Briggate Leeds last year, they organised a bag pack on behalf of CHSF and raised over £1,000

Feeling inspired? If you’d like any advice or to chat about ideas, please do contact Lisa Williams Community Fundraiser: lisa.williams@chsf.org.uk / 0113 392 5093.

Or, if you have any hints and tips for a successful bag pack please share them with us!