A Facebook Fundraiser lets you raise money on Facebook and Children’s Heart Surgery Fund get 100% of the donations!

Set up a dedicated page and then all you have to do is set your own fundraising goal, add your story (or use our ready made template) and then share with your friends and family. It’s really that easy!

CHSF Supporter and Heart Dad Miguel Moore set up a Facebook Fundraiser around his birthday. He asked friends and relations to give to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund instead of buying him gifts as his family had been supported by CHSF when his daughter Hallie was treated at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit.

Miguel and his family

Miguel said:

We were told Hallie had a heart defect when my wife was 20 weeks pregnant and our life was turned upside down.

We spent four months on Ward L51 juggling life, two other children and having a very sick child who underwent three surgeries and a cardiac arrest.

During our time on the ward we were supported by CHSF by giving us somewhere to stay, visitors to the hospital, lovely up to date equipment and beautiful toys.

I decided to set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook with a very optimistic goal and absolutely smashed it by raising £1135!

We couldn’t repay CHSF enough back. It gives us as a family a great feeling raising money for such a fabulous charity. Thank you for everything you do!

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Getting set up…

1. Go to www.facebook.com/fund/childrensheartsurgeryfund/
2. Set your fundraising target
3. Choose your end date
4. Say why you have chosen to fundraise (or use our template!)
5. Choose a cover photo or video
6. Get sharing with your friends!

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