Our supporters really are the bee knees. This Fundraising Friday we celebrate the amazing heart warrior Minnie and her amazing friends and family as well as Kady, who tells us just how easy it is to set up a Facebook Fundraiser for CHSF…

Minnie Mac’s Fundraiser

Minnie’s parents, Alex and Tara said:

Since being in hospital after Minnie’s birth for a few weeks and all the care we received from the staff at Leeds, we felt it only right to give a little back.


We are so thankful for everything, we reached out to our friends and families to see if they wanted to help.


Total funds were raised through such a mixed bag of events. Sponsored slim, a bake sale, donation from a union, sale of knitted items, church donation from a lovely family and we also held a fundraising night at a local pub, The Healdfield.


We had a raffle and an auction on the night for everyone who was in the pub, and as thanks we had a little sing song. Myself and a couple of my friends entertained the masses for a few hours.

We are so thankful to everyone involved at Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.


It is a charity that will forever touch our hearts for what you have done to help our daughter and we hope this money goes a little way towards helping you!


Thank you so much to all of Minnie Mac’s friends and family for this incredible fundraising on behalf of CHSF.

Kady Wood: Facebook Fundraiser

I can’t thank Children’s Heart Surgery Fund enough for everything they have done for our little girl Florence who is now 18 months old. Florence was born a healthy baby and then at 2 weeks old we were told she needed heart surgery – like most people, we didn’t have a clue about this charity!


Everything that has been done, even down to the Katie Bears that you get after surgery – all absolutely amazing!! I wanted to give a little back and that’s why I put the birthday fundraiser on Facebook and was truly shocked at the donations from family and friends! It’s a great way of raising a bit of money for such an incredible charity, will definitely do it again next year! Once again thank you for everything ❤️

Fancy fundraising for CHSF? Fill in our Fundraiser Registration Form or get in touch with Community Fundraiser Lisa Williams to discuss your ideas on lisa.williams@chsf.org.uk | 0113 831 4810