It’s the last day of the working week so that must mean it’s time to celebrate some of our amazing supporters. Happy #FundraisingFriday! We couldn’t do it without you! Read on to find out all about this week’s fundraisers…

Excel Childcare: Christmas Fayre

We would like to say a huge thank you to Excel Childcare for their continued support.

They held their Christmas Fayre last weekend and raised a further £320! Well done guys!

University of Leeds student society, Cutting Edge spent a day in Leeds City Centre spreading the message of CHSF to all the Christmas shoppers.

The President of their society said:

We were able to remind the people of Leeds to think of all the children that may be facing the scary prospect of surgery during this otherwise festive time of year, and the hardworking staff on the surgical care teams looking after them.

As medical students from the Surgery Society of the University of Leeds, it was extremely important for us to challenge the misconception of surgeons as intimidating and mean – we don’t break hearts, we mend them!

UKIM Youth Leeds: Fundraising Challenge

Usamah Ahmed said:

In our youth club we were joined by one of our elders who spoke about the importance of charity – particularly helping those who are less fortunate to us in terms of health and well-being.

From this, we were set up on a challenge whereby the youth club was split into two teams with the aim of each team to raise money for two local charities: Martin House Children’s Hospice and of course Children Heart Surgery Fund.

Each team was given £100 and expected to change this into a bigger sum of money and from the fundraising techniques used, both teams were able to raise a fantastic amount!


Amazing fundraising this week from some seriously dedicated supporters! Feeling inspired? Get in touch with Lisa Williams, Community Fundraiser on | 0113 381 4810 to see how you can get involved.