It may be Friday the 13th but we sure are feeling lucky to have amazing fundraisers like Jessica Mee!

Jessica and her family have supported CHSF tirelessly over the last three years, with more than £11,000 raised for the charity so far.

We spoke to Jessica about her latest fundraising event and who inspires her to keep supporting CHSF...

Jessica said:

My Niece was diagnosed three years ago with congenital heart disease. At three days old she underwent open heart surgery at Leeds and will continue to be under their care.


When visiting her I felt completely helpless. I remember leaving the hospital feeling like I wanted to do something, not just for Isabelle, but all the other children on the ward.

I started to think of fundraising ideas and put all my energy into raising as much as possible for CHSF as without them the ward wouldn’t be able to progress and support in the way it does.


In the past 3 years we’ve organised children’s fun days, dinner and dance and most recently our summer garden party.


We’ve managed to raise over £11,000 so far and will continue our journey with CHSF as much as possible.

Senior Community Fundraising Manager, Lisa said:

Jessica has been so proactive in organising all of her fundraising events.


She seeks support from her family, and gets her local community involved and approaches people for raffle prizes and donations while raising awareness of Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.


Thank you Jessica for being such an amazing fundraiser for CHSF your hard work, time and effort is really appreciated by us all at the charity and we are so grateful for your continued support.

If you are thinking of organising a fundraising event you can get in touch and I can chat through different ideas of how to make your event a great success.


We can provide you with buckets, tins and t-shirts and offer support throughout your fundraising journey.

Feeling inspired? Get planning your fundraising today…