Another #FundraisingFriday means another amazing excuse to shout about our incredible fundraisers. Read on to find out all about what they got up to, and who inspired them…

Friends and family of Nixon Carter: Fun Day

Nixon and his Grandma handing over their amazing total!

Jayne Wright, Nixon’s Grandma, organised a Fun Day on behalf of Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

Jayne said:

We chose to raise money for CHSF as we will be forever grateful for the support they gave to us in July 2018 when Nixon had his surgery for Tetralogy of Fallot.

Nixon with Katie Bear!

Receiving Katie Bear was a huge milestone as we knew he would get her once he was back on the ward!

Alicia & Millie: Christmas Crafts

Alicia and Millie hand over their big cheque!

Fiona Mettham, Alicia’s Mum told us all about what inspired the girls to fundraise:

Alicia’s little sister, Izzy, has a complex congenital heart defect which has meant lots of hospital time – and for siblings it can be really hard.

When Izzy is in hospital Alicia sees how much the charity helps from the funding of medical equipment to the visits from Katie bear.

Outside of the hospital, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund understands the impact congenital heart disease has on families, especially siblings, and for the last 2 years we have attended the Christmas Party, funded by the CHSF. Alicia and Izzy both get to have a day of fun and treats.

Also the super hero walk is such a great family event and really gets everyone involved.

Alicia and her best friend Millie (whose family have supported and continue to support us through our journey), decided whilst at brownies they would like to try to raise some money for the CHSF to help them continue their valuable work.

The girls even made it onto Harrogate Audi’s Instagram page!

They spent 2 weeks making Christmas crafts – everything from cards and gift tags to bookmarks and even cakes. With the support of family, friends and a very generous Harrogate Audi they sold their crafts and raised the money!

Fantastic efforts girls! Thank you so much! #BecauseofYou

Castleford YMCA: Annual donation

Geoff Robinson Castleford YMCA Secretary and Treasurer said:

The Castleford YMCA take great pleasure in being involved in this wonderful worthy cause, so much so, we have decided to give a donation annually to assist in this excellent work!

Thank you so much for your generous commitment.

Feeling inspired to give something back and raise much-needed funds for a great cause? Get in touch with Lisa Williams, on | 0113 831 4810 or download our events calendar here for inspiration and to see other ways to get involved.