This week’s #FundraisingFriday is dedicated to Lucas Brook Tewson who sadly passed away on 18 July 2018. Lucas’ family have since raised an incredible total for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in his memory…

In memory of Lucas Brook Tewson

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A year and a day ago our precious baby boy, Lucas Brook Tewson, passed away in his Mummy’s arms with his Dad beside him holding his hand.

He was just four months old. Lucas was born with a complex type of congenital heart disease known as Shone’s Syndrome.

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The strength, courage and bravery that Lucas demonstrated in his short, difficult life, has been matched by the love, kindness and generosity of the families, friends and colleagues of his proud parents.

In the year since his passing, a grand total of £8000 has been raised in memory of Lucas for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

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Thank you to all those who cared for him and all those who have kept his memory alive during the last year by fundraising for such a worthy cause.
You have touched so many lives Lucas. We couldn’t be more proud of the positive influence you have had on all the people who knew and love you and the funds raised in your memory will continue the love by helping other babies born with congenital heart disease.
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Bless you, Lucas Brook.

Your Mummy and Daddio, Sam and Simon Tewson.

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