This week may have been a scorcher but the #ukheatwave can’t stop our super fundraisers! Happy #FundraisingFriday everyone!

Knaresborough Striders: Knareborough Bed Race

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Our team of 6 ladies from the Knaresborough Striders ran the Great Knaresborough Bed Race on 8 June for CHSF and are thrilled to have raised our target of £1000.

The bed race is a crazy event involving decorating a bed in the chosen theme (Yorkshire’ this year), parading it through town while dressed up, then stripping the decorations and racing the bed (complete with a passenger!) through the streets of Knaresborough.

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We chose to raise money for CHSF because one of our team members, Gosia, has had personal experience of their support. Her daughter Karolina had heart surgery just before she turned three. She is now nine and running some races with her Mum! Her big brother Filip was our bed passenger and was great at encouraging us!

We are very grateful to all our supporters – thanks for helping us support this wonderful charity!

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Sarah & Daniel Pickersgill: Abseil

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Sarah said:

My brother-in-law Dan and I decided to raise funds for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund to help families that need their support and services now and in the future – just as we did a year ago for my little girls surgery at just 4 months old.

Thanks guys for amazing support! A fantastic £1180 raised!!

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Amanda Buckley

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This time last year my brave heart warrior Kayden underwent an 8 hour open heart surgery operation and here we are 1 year later, stronger than ever.

I am so proud of all the hurdles our son Kayden has overcome and he has also done amazingly at school along the way.

Many thanks to all the staff at LGI for your continued care and support. Massive thank you to Kayden’s surgeon, Miss Carin Van Doorn and consultant Dr Dom Hares.

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Without you all Kayden wouldn’t be loving the life he is living today. The hardest thing we have ever done is have to put our child’s life in their hands and they have never let me down.

To celebrate Kayden’s one year mark we raised awareness of CHD and raised money to help this amazing team do the job they do – they all go above and beyond to help in every way. Without the help from CHSF and team LGI our journey last year would of been far more stressful than it already was.

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Feeling inspired to give something back and raise much-needed funds for a great cause? Get in touch with Lisa Williams, on | 0113 831 4810 or download our events calendar here for inspiration and to see other ways to get involved.