What better way to mark the start of the weekend than to say hello to some of this week’s stand out fundraisers?! And this week it is a family affair! Happy #FundraisingFriday everyone!

Mark Barton: Boxing 4 You

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Mark said:

This was my third charity boxing match for CHSF and I had fantastic support from LeftJab Promotions.

My son Reggie has gone from strength to strength in his three short years and thanks to CHSF and the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit he is continuing to develop.

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As you can imagine it’s close to our hearts but also those of friends and family and we managed to raise £1000!

This was my last charity boxing match but not a chance my last charitable event. Thanks for the support!

And thank YOU Mark for all your hard work and amazing support. We just can’t wait to see what you get up to next to raise money for CHSF!

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Reggie & Amy

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Mum, Sarah Blanchfield said:

My son Reggie is under the care of the cardiologists at Leeds Children’s Hospital and Children’s Heart Surgery Fund have had a massive impact on his life.

My daughter, Amy, has always been involved in the fundraising that we have done as a family, however this time she took the lead and positioned the possibility of Wear Red Day to her school.

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Mrs Plant, the head teacher of Ashbrow School was absolutely amazing and with relatively short notice arranged for the whole school to participate and raised over £400! It was really moving to see the children all wearing red that day and wearing their wristbands ❤️
At a similar time I was approached by Waters Edge Nursery where Reggie attends, to ask about thoughts on doing a fundraising event linked in with Valentine’s Day. I suggested Wear Red Day to interlink with this and the fundraising spanned an entire week raising £150.
I am so touched by the efforts involved and know first hand how much Children’s Heart Surgery Fund means to the families they support. The kids were absolutely made up to hear about where their fundraising money has been used and loved hanging their hearts on the tree!
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Feeling inspired to give something back and raise much-needed funds for a great cause? Get in touch with Lisa Williams, on lisa.williams@chsf.org.uk | 0113 831 4810 or download our events calendar here for inspiration and to see other ways to get involved.