What better way to celebrate the last day on November than with #FundraisingFriday? A day where we applaud our incredible fundraisers and all that they have achieved!

Evie Pugh: Bracelet making

Evie at CHSF HQ and one of her fantastic bracelets modelled by Katie Bear

Evie’s mum, Liz said:

The background to Evie’s wish to do something was that she had a Hobbycraft voucher and wanted to make bracelets to sell to raise money for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, and to help buy toys for the ward.

She made 91 bracelets in total and sold them at school with her best friend. They were very popular and sold out in 10 minutes!

She’s already planning her next sale!

Absolutely fantastic, Evie! Keep up the amazing work!

Susan said:

My daughter Amy had a heart transplant two years ago, and both Amy and myself have a passion to help others who are suffering with heart conditions.

We thought doing our fundraiser for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund would be ideal, as CHSF is totally reliant on donations and we wanted to help the children and their families in whatever way we could.

We came up with the idea of having Santa and his helpers in our back garden!

Our friends paid to see Santa, we had a lucky dip and one person even needed their clothes washing and donated £5 to have them washed!!

The day was a huge success as we thought we would raise around £30 or £40 – but alas it ended up being £500!

Fantastic efforts ladies. Truly embracing festive fundraising just in time for the Christmas season!

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with Lisa Williams, Community Fundraiser on lisa.williams@chsf.org.uk | 0113 381 4810 to see how you can get involved.