Giving in Celebration is a unique, memorable and altruistic way of donating to our amazing charity.

Dancer Laura Amy Maplebeck did just this when her husband set up a Just Giving page as a surprise gift for her 30th birthday.

Inspired by the story of Ava Fletcher (pictured in the inset above) – one of her students who has had open heart surgery at LGI for CHD, Laura wanted to do something special to celebrate reaching 30 years old.

Laura told us:

I am a professional dancer based in Barnsley and founder of StarMovers Dance Academy.

We teach dance to children from 6 months to 6 years old and have approximately 200 students attend our classes each week.

I teach Ava Fletcher, a little girl who had heart surgery and whose parents credit you guys hugely.

This little girl melts my heart and seeing her smile in class is like a beacon of light!

I want to send your fund the money raised for my birthday because children are such a big part of my life and to think there are children out there who have such battles in life is so sad.

What you do is a beautiful thing and I would be happy to donate these funds to mark turning 30.

It will be 4 years this June since Ava had lifesaving open heart surgery at Leeds Congenital Heart Unit.

The surgery was unsuccessful at the time and Ava needed more procedures 8 weeks later to remove an aneurysm.

Ava’s parents told us they are eternally grateful for all the time they’ve had with her since.

The family are huge advocates of Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, and are currently raising money to support the heart ward and help fund our state-of-the-art theatre (through our Keeping The Beat campaign) as Ava will require more surgery in the future.

As an alternative to presents, Giving in Celebration is a terrific, heartfelt way of asking others to commemorate your special occasion.

Laura’s Just Giving page is here.