Back in May this year we bought 80 Kardia Mobile ECG heart tracing devices for patients with congenital heart disease.

The kit enable patients to measure their heart rate, wherever they are, by attaching the device to the back of their phone and holding onto it for a few minutes.

Data is then fed back to their cardiologist, who can then see whether their heart rate is normal or if it needs further investigation.

The Kardia devices were bought on the back of a generous donation of £4,800 from Sovereign Health Care Charitable Trust.

We have issued 12 of them to patients, and cardiologist James Oliver told us:

They have been well received and are easy to set up.

They have essentially already become a standard option for us to use to help diagnose rhythm abnormalities more effectively.

In 3 of these patients we have captured an important heart rhythm abnormality that we had not previously picked up, and that has been really very useful because it has prompted different treatments.

In other patients we have not found any abnormality so far – which provides real reassurance that the symptoms they are experiencing do not have underlying significant cause.

It is still early days and I expect that over the coming months and years we will issue many more.