Adult heart hero Daniel needs to regularly test his blood because of his heart condition. Thanks to your funding he can now do this in the comfort of his own home!

Despite our name, CHSF also fund the adult CHD service as well as babies and children. CHSF Trustee and Adult Congenital Nurse Specialist Jo Quirk used her exercise time wisely today to make a very special delivery…

Jo said:

As Lead Nurse for the CHD Network for Yorkshire & Humber and currently Trustee of CHSF, I have delivered a home test INR machine to an adult patient to assist him in following the government guidelines of “Stay at Home”. The INR kit was kindly donated by Children’s Heart Surgery Fund thanks to your super fundraising.


The values of the Congenital Heart Disease Network is to promote care close to home, so to have the opportunity to deliver a machine whilst doing my daily exercise makes me very proud.

I can’t thank Children’s Heart Surgery Fund enough for supporting the unit (adults, as well as children, with congenital heart disease). A home blood test machine prevents Daniel from attending the hospital clinics for his blood tests, therefore keeping him safe.

“Through this lockdown this kit will be of great help as I was recently advised that my local INR clinic wasn’t running”

Heart patient, Daniel said:

I’m Daniel Farrell and in 2010 I had an Aortic Root Replacement which has left me with a metallic valve and the need to take Warfarin and have regular INR checks.


Initially I had to attend various community INR clinics which meant taking time off work and over time having to take additional holidays. This is the second INR Home testing kit that you have kindly supplied me and it has been a massive benefit.


I can take my INR whenever needed and phone in the results without the need to attend community clinics.

Through this lockdown this kit will be of great help as I was recently advised that my local INR clinic wasn’t running and that I would need to travel to a different area of Leeds.


With my new Home Testing Kit it will help me to follow government advice of staying at home, protecting the NHS  and saving lives.

We can only continue supporting hearts for life with your help.

Children’s Heart Surgery Fund have been supporting the NHS for 31 years and we want to make sure we can keep supporting them for years to come.
Any support you can give to help CHSF weather COVID-19 is so very appreciated. Help us keep supporting hearts for life. Thank you.