The Yorkshire and Humber Congenital Heart Disease Network are asking for CHD patients and their families to give feedback on our region’s CHD services.

And who better to ask than our fantastic supporters! You can help in two ways:

  1. The network is working with NHS England to promote an online survey: We would be grateful if you would complete this survey if you (as an adult congenital patient, or your child) have recently been in the hospital or have attended the Outpatient department at Leeds General Infirmary. It would really help to get feedback about the service.
  2. Another of the network’s aims is to listen to patients and families. And their questions to people who have used and benefitted from the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit (LCHU) are:
  • HOW can they get feedback from you on what works well and how to make improvements in the service?
  • HOW can they feedback any changes that have been made?
  • HOW can they best work together with you?

Jo Quirk would love to hear from you on this, and her contact details are

Jo has recently been appointed as Lead Nurse for the network, having previously worked as a Cardiac Nurse Specialist at the LCHU for both paediatrics and adults with congenital heart disease.

Here’s the background to the network…

This is a new role for Jo, and she is currently travelling around the region and meeting staff in the 17 hospitals that are part of the network. She is also visiting clinics and talking to families after their clinic appointments.

Jo works closely with the clinical team of doctors, nurse specialists and other members of the team such as physiotherapists and psychologists.

The network comprises a small team – Lead Clinician Dr Elspeth Brown and Network Manager Debra Wheeler. Its aim is to deliver high standards of care throughout the region based on Congenital Heart Disease NHS England Standards (2016).

The standards relate to equity of care and care closer to home and that’s why working together throughout the network is important.

Thanks for reading, you can read more about the network at: