Hybrid theatres combine the traditional functions of a catheter laboratory with the surgical functions of an operating room.

Details of the hybrid theatre equipment funded by our Keeping The Beat campaign are starting to become clearer.

Here’s some descriptions of some of the likely items being supplied by Philips.

Flexvision pro (bottom left above):

  • Hybrid theatres are state-of-the-art. They can perform a variety of clinical procedures, which may involve a range of screens, views, software and applications. Flexvision Pro is a system designed to intuitively control all the connected technology in one place. Team members can easily take over control of applications from each other to promote effective teamwork.

TSM Pro (top left):

  • This is a touch-screen accessory forming part of the Flexvision system, and allows control of X-ray images right next to the actual procedure. Philips call it “the next step in usability”, as clinicians can manipulate an image with one finger, and pinch, zoom, pan and flag images for processing.

Ambient Experience (top right):

  • This technology is designed to improve care by minimising patient stress and anxiety during procedures. It works by giving the patient a sensory distraction to focus on, using lighting, sound, and the projection of images. Patients can even personalise their experience by choosing a theme such as a beach, mountains or a comic strip. With the Ambient Experience in place, patients can feel happier and procedures can be carried out more quickly.

You can watch a fly through video of the new theatre on our YouTube channel.

For more information, visit our Keeping The Beat page.