Do you have the Will to change lives?

Thank you for considering leaving a donation to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in your Will.

We promise to use your gift to develop and grow the work we do for babies, children, teenagers and adults affected by congenital heart disease in our region for generations to come.

For examples of equipment and projects which donations and legacies enable us to provide, please read our latest blogs about What You’ve Funded. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving patients with congenital heart disease not only a today, but the promise of a tomorrow.


As a wholly self-funded charity, it is your legacy donations that allow us to continue ours – supporting hearts for life.


From specific sums of money to % shares of your estate, every donation makes a big difference.


Discuss your thoughts with our CEO Sharon Milner about leaving a gift in your Will


Whether you have already created a Will or are looking to make your first, read our guidance and 3-step guide.

The impact your Will donation will make…

Leaving a gift in your Will contributes enormously towards making our vision and mission a reality. With the help of Will donations, we are able to improve the lives of over 22,500 babies, children and adults who pass through the service each year.

Every year, we are committed to producing a social impact report which takes advantage of the latest data available to show in detail the difference your donations have made to the lives of these patients. In human terms, the difference you make is incalculable.


Types of legacy donations…

There are a number of ways you may wish to remember Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in your Will. Donations can include a specified sum of money, a percentage share of your estate or a particular item you think would help benefit CHSF.

We are incredibly grateful of any type of support, whether that’s £100 or £10,000, 1% of your estate or 10%, every donation helps make a difference in the lives of our patients.


Whether you have already created a Will or are looking to make your first, our step-by-step guide will help you in the process, and provide guidance on how to include a legacy donation which will help make a difference to more than 22,500 babies, children and adults across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire every single year.


Have peace of mind knowing that after you are gone, your legacy will make an incredible difference in the lives of children who are affected by congenital heart disease. You may also qualify to pay a reduced rate of inheritance tax, and, as a charity, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund will also be exempted from inheritance tax.

Follow our simple three-step guides to create a Will, or amend an existing one.

Follow our simple three-step guides to create a Will, or amend an existing one.

I do not currently have a Will

1 – Consolidate a list of everything you own

Create a list that details everything you own, including your assets and estate. It’s important at this stage to decide who you wish to be your executor. For assistance, take a look at our Will planner found here.

2 – Decide who you would like to include in your Will

Deciding who to include in your Will is a big decision and one which requires much thought. Aside from your nearest and dearest, a donation to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, no matter how big or small, is an incredible gift.

3 – Enlist a solicitor to write your will

To create your Will, we suggest contacting a solicitor to ensure all legal procedures and your wishes are correctly carried out efficiently and effectively.

I have an existing Will which I wish to change

1 – Re-evaluate your circumstances

Have your circumstances changed since you last made your Will? Ensure you review your Will to ensure all information is up-to-date.

2 – Assess who you have included

Leaving your assets to your nearest and dearest is the norm, but have you considered Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in your Will? A donation, no matter the amount, is an incredible gift and will help thousands of children and families who are dealing with the struggles of congenital heart disease.

3 – Choose who will make your amendments

Minor amendments can often be changed with the use of a codicil, which is an addition to your Will that explains, modifies or revokes information which was previously included. For advice on how to amend your Will, please contact a solicitor.

The needs of the LCHU are growing and evolving rapidly – and the CHSF’s long-term strategy and vision to support hearts for life depend on the continued fundraising and
engagement of our valued supporters.

“We’d love you to be part of our future, so we can continue to care for the Heart, the Mind, the Family and the Future of our patients. Thank you to each and every person who is considering leaving a legacy donation to the CHSF in their Will. Together we will support hearts for life.”

Contact Details

To discuss your legacy donation with a member of the CHSF team, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon Milner, our CEO, on any of the following forms of communication:


Phone: 0113 8314810

Post:  Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, 3 Oxford Place, Leeds LS1 3AX


3 Oxford Place

0113 831 4810

Registered Charity Number: 1148359
Registered Company Number: 8152970