Climb the stairs in your home enough times to scale the height of a famous mountain! Step up to the challenge and raise funds for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

  • Sign up for free

  • Choose your mountain to climb

  • Measure the height of your stairs (to work out how many times you’ll have to climb them!)

  • Set up a JustGiving page (details below) and share it on social media so people can sponsor you.

  • Start climbing!

You don’t have to do your climbing all in one go, you can spread it over a week or the whole month. You could even take it on as a team.

However you choose to complete your challenge, every time you climb those stairs, you’ll be getting closer to the top of the mountain and closer to your fundraising target!

Climbing a Mountain in March is an amazing way to support your heart unit by achieving something special without having to leave your front door. Set a target that’s right for you, and choose which mountain you want to conquer…

Yorkshire’s highest peak, 520m
(approx 284 stair climbs)

United Kingdom’s highest peak, 1345m
(approx 517 stair climbs)

Europe’s highest peak, 4809m
(approx 1850 stair climbs)

Africa’s highest peak, 5895m
(approx 2267 stair climbs)

World’s highest peak, 8849m
(approx 3403 stair climbs)

The approximate number of times you’d need to climb a flight of stairs is based on the average height of a set of stairs in the UK as being 20cm and the average flight of stairs containing 13 steps.

You can calculate your stair climbs here

Stairs not your thing?

Then get some fresh air and put a spring in your step. Climb the height of your chosen mountain in steps every day in the great outdoors!



steps a day


steps a day


steps a day


steps a day


steps a day
Once you have registered to climb a Mountain in March, simply follow the instructions for how to set up an online giving page. It only takes a few minutes and then you can easily share the link with your friends and followers on social media.

Share the link every time you complete a climbing session. Updating followers with your progress will motivate you to keep going, and motivate your family and friends to keep giving!

Sign up to climb a mountain in March

Mountains don’t move you?

We have a full calendar of events and challenges to get you fundraising for CHSF throughout 2022. See more…

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