We’re saying a huge thank you to the friends and family of heart warrior Bella Rhodes.

Because of your incredible donations, CHSF have been able to purchase a state of the art surgical camera to be used during open heart surgery.

Thanks to the amazing genrosity of the family and friends of heart hero Bella Rhodes, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund were able to purchase the LookCam2 headlight camera for the Leeds surgical team.

The application was initally made by Bella’s heart surgeon, Mr Giuseppe Pelella and early this week we were able to deliver this exciting package to the hospital.

What is the LookCam2?

Normally, the structures deep in the heart can only be seen by the surgeon who is operating on the patient. With the help of this HD headlight camera other members of the theatre team can gain a better understanding of the procedure that is in progress.

The camera is connected wirelessly to an iPad and the team can see the surgery via a real-time display, on a television screen in the operating room.

  • Use of this camera in the operating theatre will improve the understanding of the abnormalities of the heart as well as improving operating techniques.
  • If a second operation is needed on the same patient, the surgeon will be able to review operation recordings from the camera in order to further understand complications and increase patient safety.
  • The ability to view the surgery in more detail (both during the operation and with review of recorded images) is an important tool for the training of surgeons and other healthcare professionals.
  • Submission of papers supported by video footage to scientific meetings and websites will further enhance the reputation of the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit.

Bella’s mum Megan told us what it means to be able to fund this fantastic piece of equipment, for the man who saved her daughter’s life…

We started Bella’s Heart Journey fundraising page when we were discharged from hospital because it was so important to us as a family to be able to do our bit to help support the people who saved Bella’s life.


We have been overwhelmed by the support, kindness and generosity of everyone who has donated to Bella’s JustGiving page, where we have been able to raise such a life changing amount of money.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has donated to help support the fantastic work done by Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.


We wanted to raise money for the CHSF because they helped us as a family during our time in hospital and were there as a support physically and emotionally every step of the way.


Bella’s journey is far from over and knowing the work that the charity does is such a comfort for us on our road ahead. We wanted to make sure that other families feel the same comfort and support we did, so being able to help the charity’s continued work in any way we could was so important to us as a family.


We knew we wanted some of the money to be used for a piece of equipment that will help with ongoing surgeries and procedures for heart patients. So when we knew that Bella’s surgeon Giuseppe wanted this specific camera to help support them with future surgeries we knew this was exactly what we wanted Bella’s fundraising to go towards.

Bella after open heart surgery in Dec 2020

Bella with her Katie Bear teddy and medal

We are so happy and excited that this piece of equipment could help potentially save lives and make a huge difference to so many people and families like ours.


As always we cannot thank all the staff at the CHSF and the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, you are all truly amazing!


Additionally, thank you again for all the generous and kind donations to Bella’s JustGiving page as without you we wouldn’t be sharing this story. We are eternally grateful to you all!

You can read Bella’s full story on our blog here

Bella’s incredible story captured the hearts of so many and her fundraising page has raised a truly amazing £14,790 for CHSF!

To everyone who made a donation, big or small, thank you. Because of you, our surgeons can improve outcomes for CHD patients now and in the future.


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