Your amazing donations enabled CHSF to buy a Parallel Simulator which attaches to the ECMO heart-lung bypass machine.

It simulates various training exercises for the 12 PICU trainees to follow and respond to.

The Parallel Simulator is programmed with a variety of medical emergency scenarios, such as when the pressure in the pipes increases or if bubbles appear in the pipes while a patient is on the bypass machine.

I was lucky enough to visit the first training session and the equipment is going to be an amazing resource that will help to save lives in future.

PICU Consultant Santosh Sundararajan said:

The Parallel Simulator will help us to train ECMO nurses and PICU medical staff to work as team in managing real life based ECMO emergencies.


We are incredibly thankful to CHSF for raising the money to buy this vital teaching equipment. This equipment will be used in monthly team training, and will further help us to improve survival for children needing ECMO support.

This machine is invaluable, it will enable: better training; big cost savings for the hospital as nurses rather than doctors will be providing the ECMO service; and measurable training for the team.

Thank you!