CHSF like to extend a huge thanks to the Hospital Saturday Fund (HSF) for funding a piece of medical equipment within the hybrid theatre called a Pedestal Mounted Contrast Injector.

This is a crucial piece of medical technology used by clinicians to assist them in a type of x-ray called angiography, which injects an x-ray dye directly into the blood to check blood vessels.

Radiographer Team Leader Katrina Kimberley said:

We are hugely grateful to the HSF and Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, and have been using this contrast injector since the hybrid theatre opened.

The x-ray dye is too thick to be injected into the chambers of the heart by hand, and blood vessels do not show up clearly on a normal x-ray. The dye highlights the blood vessels when they are looked at using the x-ray machine, allowing doctors to spot any potential problems.

Without this equipment, anomalies within young patients might remain undetected for longer making treatment more difficult in future. A huge thank you.

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