Priority Space has adopted Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) as its first ever charity partner, and funded a vital regional resource on the children’s cardiac ward at the Leeds Children’s Hospital.​

​The fish tank on Ward L51 has proved vital over the years as a means of distraction for both young patients and their families.

And more importantly, many young heart patients use the tank as a goal to walk towards while recovering from their life-saving open heart surgery and other invasive procedures.

And South Yorkshire based business and new CHSF corporate partner Priority Space have funded the fish tank for the next year!

Recent feedback on the fish tank from charity supporters who have received care from the LCHU includes the following quotes from heart families:

Heart warrior Bella

Bella has loved the fish tank forever! When she was little she loved watching them, it’s a distraction from where she was. Last year we used the fish tank as a goal/incentive to get Bella out of bed and walk after her heart surgery… it works!

We used the fishes to encourage Adam to get up and about and move his head, which he was reluctant to do because of his central line dressing. The play team said he could feed the fishes that day if he got up and walked to the tank!

Heart hero Adam

Heart warrior Lexi Lou

My Lexi-Lou loved the fish while she was in having her heart surgery in June! They kept her calm and she then asked for one for her birthday 2 weeks later! You are amazing and what you do for our heart warriors is incredible!

Priority Space was set up by Adam Richardson and Lee Buchanan in 2012. Based in South Yorkshire, the company delivers commercial property regeneration schemes across the UK, working with local authorities and government agencies to ensure spaces are designed and built to fit the requirements of surrounding communities.

Director Adam Richardson said:

When CHSF approached us, we decided to back their work in supporting the specialist NHS team at Leeds, who treat children with heart conditions from across our region.


Lee and I are both Dads with young families and can very much appreciate how terrible it must be to have a child who is ill and needs to undergo surgery and receive hospital care.


We were also keen to support the NHS after its gruelling 18 months of dealing with Coronavirus and we hope our support for CHSF may help in a small way to boost healthcare for children with heart conditions now.

A huge thank you to Priority Space for their funding of this vital and much-loved ward facility! If your business is interested in supporting hearts for life, please contact our Corporate Partnerships Manager Caitlin Hazell. Thank you!


Could your workplace support CHSF?

Could your workplace support CHSF?

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