Heart Hero George has just undergone his third open heart surgery at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit and his whole family can’t wait for him to be home.

We spoke to George’s mum Jane about George’s treatment, his CHD journey so far and how the family have been supported by Children’s Heart Surgery Fund…

George ready for his third open heart surgery

We are sat in Room 14 at the moment whilst George is in surgery and it is lovely. Thank you so much for the room and space for us to be together as a family, it makes such a difference and Poppy is enjoying being nearby for George as well.


He went in fine this morning chatting away to everyone. He is an old pro with it being his third open heart surgery and three stays on the ward last year for cath lab surgery. We are all so proud of him.


George’s sister Poppy has been making ‘Happy Beads’ and bags of sweets at home this week as thank you gifts for the brilliant team at Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and also for the wonderful nurses in PICU and especially on Ward L51.

We have also made ones for Mr Jaber who did such an amazing job with George’s complicated eight hour surgery on Monday, Dr Michael who has been George’s lovely and brilliant consultant since he was born and Mike Fresson (Congenital Cardiac Liaison Nurse) who has also been really helpful in the past few weeks with George’s surgery when we needed some advice and support. We have them all ready to hand over when George hopefully leaves the ward in the next few days!


They are our little way of being able to say a huge thank you again to everyone who has helped us as a family and especially George, who at age six, had his third open heart surgery on Monday 8th June for his congenital heart condition which is Ebstein’s Anomaly.

The amazing care and support we have had as a family since finding out during our 20 week pregnancy scan in 2013 that our baby had a very complex heart condition has been so important.


The condition would require a number of major open heart surgeries in the future and George living life with only half a working heart.

“It has been especially difficult for this surgery with only one parent being allowed on the ward, unlike all of our previous stays.”

It was very worrying and unexpected news to receive, however we have had absolute faith and confidence in the expertise and dedication of the team at the LGI throughout our entire journey with George.


Thanks to them George had his first open heart surgery (a Blalock-Taussig shunt at 36 hours old). He then had his Glenn surgery at 10 months old and now has just had his tricuspid valve cone repair a few days ago. He is recovering very well on Ward 51 at the moment and we cannot wait for him to come home!


It has been especially difficult for this surgery with only one parent being allowed on the ward, unlike all of our previous stays.

“Thank you so much for the room and space for us to be together as a family, it makes such a difference.”

George saying hello to Poppy at the door of Ward L51

But we have been so grateful to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund for providing us again with a family room in the Brotherton Wing. This has allowed us to wait whilst George was in surgery and for my husband to stay in overnight whilst George was in PICU and HDU this week.


We having been visiting each day to say a quick hello and to wave through the door which is especially important now that George is up and walking as his big sister Poppy was so pleased to have been able to see him just for a few seconds today!


A huge thank you again to everyone for everything you have done for George, and us as a family. We will be forever grateful, and we are just about to sign up for the Virtual 10K on Sunday 5th July to continue fundraising for CHSF as we know how much it means to families like us!


Thank you again from the Hinkins family ❤️

Since this post was written, George is now home with his family and recovering well with his new Katie Bear!

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