Rob Hull is fundraiser of the month for July! His support has been out of this world!

Rob chose to fundraise for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund because of the support the charity gave to his daughter Becky and granddaughter Georgie, back in December 2014.

Georgie was born with Turner Syndrome. She had to undergo a number of lifesaving surgeries to fix aortic arch and multiple VSDs (Ventricular Septal Defects).

Rob happens to be the Guinness World Record Holder for the largest Dalek collection and uses his pepperpot pals to raise money. He said:

I own a full-size fully remote controlled talking Dalek, I take it to Comic Cons and Sci-Fi events and trundle him around with a collection tin on the end of a claw.

People find it amusing and are more than willing to put money into the collection tin because of the novelty side of it.

I have been doing this now for about 18 months for the charity.

Although Daleks are notorious baddies from TV’s Doctor Who, it’s a long-standing theme of the show that “love conquers all”. Rob’s use of the Doctor’s arch-villains would no doubt get the approval of the Time Lord himself.

We asked Rob what Children’s Heart Surgery Fund meant to him, and he told us:

Nothing I say to this charity and hospital could tell or show how grateful me and my family are.

Not just saving my grandchild’s life but also for the help and support we all got in the first 2 months of Georgie’s life.

Our daughter Becky was able to stay at the hospital the full two months as well.

It’s thanks to the support from amazing people like Rob that Children’s Heart Surgery Fund can continue to provide hospital accommodation, equipment and resources.

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