Sally Hall is a paediatric trainee in the West Yorkshire area, and your donations are helping fund her current research post.

From August 2017, Sally has taken up a research post at Leeds University funded by Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

She will be spending time in the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine laboratories, supervised by Professor Beech.

Sally says:

I will be looking for a protein called piezo one, which has a role in the development of vascular disorders.

I will be looking at its role in a condition where it’s involvement is already known (non immune hydrops fettles).

With this information I am hoping to begin to investigate whether it has a similar role in the develop Usment of congenital heart disease.

She hopes she will be able to obtain funding for a prolonged research period.

If her investigation is successful, then it should lead to an increased understanding about why some babies are born with congenital heart disease.

She has worked in many hospitals across the region including Leeds, Airedale and Calderdale.

Sally has an interest in paediatric cardiology and this is where she hopes to develop her future career.

She says:

I worked on ward 51 for a 6 month rotation from August 2015 to February 2016 and more recently have worked on PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care) looking after the post op. cardiac children.

We’re proud to be supporting Sally’s research post financially, and she’s equally appreciative of our work:

I am aware of the great work Children’s Heart Surgery Fund do in bolstering the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit with equipment and facilities.

It’s also important to fund the research to stay one step ahead of this disease.