Children’s Heart Surgery Fund has given financial support to a training project for Yorkshire sonographers.

The training provides sonographers with the tools to better detect potential heart defects in babies.

217 sonographers across the LGI and wider Yorkshire region have benefitted from this training to date.

We’re very pleased to have given £6,000 to this valuable project, organised by Tiny Tickers, which has run since July 2015.

It’s been calculated that 81% of the 64,000 births in the region every year will receive a higher standard of cardiac screening at the 20-week fetal anomaly scan as a result.

One in every 125 babies is born with a heart condition.

This means over 414 babies born with a serious heart condition in Yorkshire and the Humber this year will have a greater chance of their heart defect being detected.

When heart defects are detected during pregnancy, babies get treatment from the first possible moment.

Prenatal detection also means that parents get the support they need to prepare them for the future.

Tiny Tickers Head of Fundraising Harriet Roberts said:

We would like to thank the Big Lottery Fund, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and Sovereign Healthcare Charitable Trust for their support.

Together we have been able to provide a better start for over 400 hearts in Yorkshire and the Humber this year alone.

Almost 220 sonographers are now more skilled and confident in detecting a heart anomaly in the region, and we believe it will have a great impact on families and babies across the region for many years to come.