We’re so pleased to have funded a new sofa in the Cardiac and Neuro Outpatients waiting room.

It not only looks fabulous but provides a signposted area for teenagers to wait and relax.

The new space contains higher-backed seating which allows this older patient group a degree of separation from the younger children.

There’s also a leaflet rack and table which will be used to display relevant information.

Senior Sister Judith Shackleton explained:

This new area is to allow a greater degree of privacy for the older children (11-16 year olds) that attend the clinic for outpatients appointments. We had already addressed the needs of the younger children attending clinic however, we wanted to give the older children their own designated space.

In 2014 we funded the refurbishment of the waiting room as a whole, transforming it into a modern paediatric waiting room.

It’s great to see the overall results, making hospital visitors feel that bit more comfortable both physically and mentally.

It’s thanks to you, our supporters, that we’re able to make such positive updates to the hospital environment, so give yourselves a pat on the back!