On Saturday 15th September 14 brave supporters took to the skies and jumped out of a plane at 15,000 ft for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. Wow! We are so grateful for their amazing support! Give them all a round of applause!

Emma Bramley

Emma said:

I was so glad I was able to do the jump. It was absolutely amazing and although I was petrified of jumping out the plane, once I was out it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done!

Here’s a couple of photos of me and my nephew Adam who was born with Truncus Arteriosus and the reason I did the jump for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund x

Megan Bishop

Megan said:

Thank you, it was absolutely amazing!

Vicki & Stephen Liu

Vicki said:

It was amazing beyond words so glad we finally managed to get up to do it 👍

We did it and it was AMAZING!! 🎊✈️😜Falling from 15,000 feet into the clouds was a feeling like no other!

All for my amazing goddaughter Olivia, the wonderful CHSF and all the work they do to help support the children and families fighting heartbreaking battles everyday!🥰

Leah Kitchen

Lee Aslin

Amelia Ward

I absolutely loved it!

It was definitelyy the best thing I’ve ever ever done!!

Debbie Baron

Terence & David

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