We thought the annual event Trustees’ Week was an excellent opportunity for a blog!

Trustees play a huge part in shaping our future and here’s an insight into what they do and why they are important to our development.

Our current board of trustees is made of a team of excellent individuals that offer their expertise and input in many different areas.

Paul Goodwin, Partner and Client Director at Mercer, joined Children’s Heart Surgery Fund as a Trustee this year and says:

My daughter had surgery for congenital heart disease at LGI when she was 6 days old and we were in hospital for 2 weeks with her. I’ve seen first-hand the incredible work done by the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit.

For me, my involvement as a Trustee is all about giving something back to a charity I really believe in.

I also enjoy being part of such a wonderful cause, and using my experience to help guide fundraising and marketing plans.

Becoming a charity trustee is clearly a rewarding experience. It’s an opportunity to give back to the community and feel part of something.

Our trustees offer us strategic direction and help us to balance charity objectives with a wider view.

Not only that – they help to make sure that we are compliant with laws that may affect us – which of course is vital to our activities. One of our trustees is Mark Curle, Head of Legal & Secretariat at TD Investing.

They all have great influence across Yorkshire and the wider area, helping us link to other businesses, and opening up opportunities beyond our current network.

Simon Maule, Director at Linstock Communications said:

As a trustee, I enjoy applying the skills and experience gained in the business world to help Children’s Heart Surgery Fund achieve its goals.

It’s rewarding to drive positive change and have a social purpose.

Our diverse group is made up of senior clinicians, business people, community leaders and parents of heart patients, allowing us the opportunity to seek input from a wide range of backgrounds.

For example, trustee Miss Carin Van Doorn, Head of Congenital Cardiac Surgery, gives us vital insight into the current needs and future direction of the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit

We’re grateful that these hugely important stakeholders dedicate their invaluable time to putting our vision, purpose, and values into practice.You’ll hear more about our trustees as we celebrate our 30th anniversary next year! Look out for more information soon.