We would like to give a huge thank you to Sovereign Health Care for helping us fund two Vein Viewer Flex Machines!

A Vein Viewer Flex uses infrared to show a patient’s veins beneath the skin.

This helps makes the experience of blood tests or cannulas more positive for children and adults with heart conditions and reduces their anxiety.

This will improve the experiences of many heart patients and their families when visiting the hospital for treatment.

Our CEO Sharon Milner said

We are extremely thankful to Sovereign Health Care for funding these Vein Viewer devices.

They provide a great distraction for children and make the process of taking their blood samples at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit that much easier.

Charity grants such as this one are vital in enabling us to carry out our mission to support hearts for life amongst young and often vulnerable patients.

We also spoke to Phlebotomists Sammy Slater, Karen Heany and Fiona Ashworth (pictured above) about the difference the Vein Viewers are making in the hospital…

The Vein Viewer Flex has been a big help to us and our patients. Taking blood samples can be a difficult experience for some children, but the Vein Viewer helps to make the process quicker and easier.

It also helps to distract the children who might otherwise be anxious. They love the neon green lights.

Here’s two anonymised comments from heart parents too, when we announced the machines on social media:

  • “Fantastic news! It’s so difficult to find a vein on my son, he’s always so brave, but this should make the process less stressful for all concerned!”
  • “This is amazing my son is so hard to cannulate hopefully this should help so much & so many more families.”

A big thank you to all concerned, the machines are making a huge difference.