Walk, wheel, cycle or scoot to school every day for a week to support hearts for life!

This five-day challenge is a fantastic chance to celebrate getting active, raise awareness of CHD and raise vital funds for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund!

During Walk to School Week, we’ll challenge ourselves to walk, wheel, cycle or scoot to school, or take a short trip outside every day.

If we can’t walk all the way, we can park the car a little further and walk the rest of the way.

This is important because it helps us to be healthier. Being outdoors can make us feel happy and ready to learn when we arrive at school.

Heart warrior, Isabel, took part in Walk to School Week last year with her mum Natalie

“Isabel attends a SEN school and it works out around 13 miles from home, there and back. I thought it would be great to cover this during Walk to School Week as it would get Isabel some fresh air and keep her active after school. We enjoyed our daily walks and fed the ducks down at Creswell Crags.” — mum, Natalie

When you sign up for CHSF’s Walk to School Week, you will receive a pack that includes ideas for fundraising as well a travel diary to fill in each day you walk, wheel, scoot or cycle to school!

You could ask friends, family and classmates to sponsor you through the week or you could donate some of your pocket money, or the amount you would usually pay to commute to school.

You could take part as a whole family, and walk, wheel or cycle to school, work and nursery for the week!

Fundraising target: £10 per child

You could make your target a bit higher if the whole family is joining in!

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