On 1st April 2020, at her 20 week scan, mum Liane found out her baby, George, had a congenital heart defect.

Now about to celebrate his 1st birthday, Liane tells us all about George’s heart journey so far and how they have been supported by CHSF…

Heart mum Liane says…

April Fools Day 2020 was our 20 week scan at Doncaster – and the day we found out our baby was a heart warrior. George was diagnosed with Transposition of the great arteries (TGA).


We were referred to the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit at Leeds Children’s Hospital, where George would have to be born. He would also have to undergo two heart procedures, one of which being open heart surgery. From day one all staff from the consultants to the nurses were all very supportive and reassuring.


Born on 12th August, George was taken away as soon as he was born to under go his first procedure (balloon operation) which would enable him to have some oxygen flow around his body. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful.

George formed a blood clot on the side of his brain which led to him having a stroke, leaving him with permanent brain damage which will affect all the right hand side of his body.


But this didn’t stop our little fighter! The surgeons managed to fit a stent in giving him time to recover for a few days before his open heart surgery which was performed by Miss Carin Van Doorn. At 12 days old (and what seemed to be the longest 8 hours of my life) George’s operation was a success!!


Our amazing boy has strived ever since. Despite everything, he has movement in both sides of his body and is hitting every milestone like any other baby. He is a cheeky, strong, happy little boy who fills our lives with so much love! we are proud to say we are the parents of a heart warrior .

The support from the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, CHSF and the rest of Leeds Children Hospital really did help us through the whole time we were in there.


While George was in hospital, we stayed at Eckersley House. Without this accommodation funded by Children’s Heart Surgery Fund we wouldn’t have been able to see our boy everyday and be by his side all the way through his treatment.


The work and support from Children Heart Surgery Fund is truly amazing and life changing!!! Thank you!

Thank you Liane for such a wonderful account of George’s heart journey so far. A big Happy Birthday for tomorrow George, from all of us at CHSF! 🎂🥳

On #WarriorWednesday, we celebrate the amazing heart heroes we support in our region.

We tell their stories to raise vital awareness of congenital heart disease and recognise the care of the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit. 

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