Heart warrior Xavier celebrated Christmas 2020 recovering from his second heart surgery. 

Mum Heather tells us about Xavier’s time on the children’s heart ward and how that inspired her family to fundraise for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund…

My son, Xavier, had his second heart surgery (his first open heart surgery) at LGI on the 22nd December and we were in over Christmas.


My family and I want to thank you all at Children’s Heart Surgery Fund so much. You helped to make our experience and stay on the children’s heart ward so much better than we could have hoped for.


When we were given the opportunity for Xavier’s operation date so close to Christmas, we weren’t sure we had made the right decision for our family.


But in the end, everything that was provided for us (in addition to amazing surgeons, nurses and supporting medical team) made our stay more comfortable and our Christmas very blessed.


From our stay in the parent accommodation so we could be close to Xavier, to the gifts that Xavier and his sisters received during our entire stay, we appreciate you all so very much!

“Everything that was provided made our stay more comfortable and our Christmas very blessed.”

Xavier with his Katie Bear teddy and medal

After Xavier’s first surgery (2011), my husband did a 100-mile cycle ride to raise money for CHSF, we managed to raise £800 then. This time, he is planning on doing a longer cycle ride (coast to coast), hopefully in April if restrictions have eased.


We have already surpassed our goal of raising more than last time, and are hoping to raise even more if we can! We are inspired by our boy, what a warrior he is, and also by CHSF, who helps families like ours. We will let you know how it goes!


In any case we can’t thank the charity enough for all that you did for us. I can’t say for sure that Xavier won’t need another procedure in the future, but I feel reassured knowing that we belong to a greater heart family. You’re stuck with us for now!


With appreciation,
Xavier Street and family (Neil, Heather, Olivia & Jessalyn)

On #WarriorWednesday, we celebrate the amazing heart heroes we support in our region.

We tell their stories to raise vital awareness of congenital heart disease and recognise the care of the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit. 

If you would like to make a regular or one-off donation to help fund CHSF’s life-saving work, you can do so here. Thank you.

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