During the first lockdown heart warrior Owen decided he would like to do a Stair Climb Challenge to raise funds for CHSF…

…and it wasn’t long before his classmates wanted to step up to the challenge and get fundraising!

Owen researched the how many steps it would take to climb world landmarks

Owen’s mum Stephanie told us a little bit about how his fundraising idea came about…

During lockdown Owen decided he would like to do a Stair Climb Challenge for charity! He thought he would be able to climb enough steps to make it to the top of the Blackpool tower (1036 stairs – or up and down our stairs 77 times!).


We (Mum and Dad) thought this was a little optimistic and that he would be lucky to make it up Big Ben (399 steps) without complaining or losing interest.


However, Owen was very keen and completed a lot of research comparing the heights of different buildings.

The challenge was shared with the rest of his Year 1 class at school and we gained lots of eager recruits. In total 18 children joined in (with the help of some older and younger siblings!


The enthusiasm, motivation, determination and the encouragement they had for one another was astounding. They even had a shout out on Stray FM and a few created colourful Heart T-shirts! The number of steps increased at a steady pace and the sponsorship kept rolling in.


Our chosen charity was Children’s Heart Surgery Fund as Owen has a “special heart” as he calls it, and when he was first born he had a stay on the heart ward at the Leeds Children’s Hospital. The charity helps heart families in so many ways – they provide family accommodation for parents whose children are having surgery, vital clinical equipment but also small things like a teddy and a medal for those children who have had open heart surgery.

“The enthusiasm, motivation, determination and the encouragement they had for one another was astounding.”

By the end of the challenge, the children had climbed an AMAZING 22,706 steps (or 1,621 times up and down our stairs!) and the sponsorship totalled over £1,525!


To put into context what they have managed to climb, they have climbed UP and DOWN all the following:

That’s Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Canary Wharf, Blackpool Tower, Forth Rail Bridge, Elizabeth Tower, Sydney Opera House and the Millennium Dome…phew!!


Never underestimate what little legs can achieve!

“Together on Wear Red Day we climbed a mountain for CHSF!”

A class or school can virtually climb a mountain together. Just divide the amount of stairs they each have to climb – all whilst wearing red of course!

30,420 STEPS

38,680 STEPS

58,070 STEPS

Step up to the challenge and move mountains to raise funds for children like Owen on 5th February.

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